Software & Hardware: 
If you need assistance installing any new software or hardware, our staff can be there to help. Because there could be complications with your existing system, call us first before purchasing your software or hardware. With the new release of Microsoft Vista, hardware compatibility has become a challenge for any consumer; making an informed decision will save you time and money. Carek Technology can customize a solution for your specific need.

Computer Diagnostics & Cleanup: 
When your home computer seems slower than usual, then you may have Spyware, Adware, Corrupted Files or a Virus. You may not need a NEW computer but you may need a System Reset. Carek will have an engineer meet with you to discuss your options; and if you need a System Reset, then the engineer will back up your computer and reinstall your original manufacturer software for you.

SURFING the Internet runs the risk of compromising personal data. A brief visit by a Carek engineer will help prevent devastating security lapses with the installation of software firewalls and adjustments to your computer. That WIRELESS network in your home can also be locked down for further protection.